ProVision Pro Circuit BT TENNIS TROPHY 2011

Date: 22 – 28 August 2011
Prize Money: US $15,000


Please note that hotel reservations must be made personally in advance. Please refer to this hotel list (PDF) which quotes various hotels and estimated prices.


Our club restaurant, WINNERS SPORT BAR, serves all daily meals at reasonable prices (i.e. one meal is around 10 euro)

Arrival at the club:

We recommend that you arrive at the club before 7pm on any night if you need assistance.

For detailed information on how to get to WINNERS TENNIS CLUB (WTC) by plane, train and car check the information below.


The organizers will try to make your participation at BT TENNIS TROPHY 2011 a memorable event and will offer Player’s evening, table tennis tournament, etc. for your diversion between the matches.

We look forward to welcoming you to BT TENNIS TROPHY 2011 and wish you the best of luck!


Here you can read how to get to WTC by plane, train and car.

WTC (see the map below – you can zoom in and out) is situated in the proximity of the town center near to the Municipality Sport.

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Arriving by plane:

From Cluj-Napoca Airport we recommend that you take a taxi. You may find cabs just outside the arrivals terminal.

Please indicate to the diver the following address: WINNERS TENNIS CLUB, PARCUL ROZELOR, CALVARIA STREET to get to the club.

To WTC the journey takes about 35 minutes and it costs about 30 RON ( aprox. 7.5 Euro).

You can also take the bus no. 8 to the center of the city ( 1 ticket with 2 journeys costs = 1 euro)

Arriving by train:

Arriving at Cluj Central Station you should get a taxi. You will find cabs just outside of the station. We recommend that you take one of the following cab companies: DIESEL, NOVA or TERAFAN. You will see the name of the company listed on the windshield of every cab.

For your information the journey to WTC should take no more that 20 min and cost about  3,5 Euro.

Public transportation in Romania

Generally, public transportation in Romania functions well but is quite difficult to use by foreigners due to the lack of translated inscriptions and indications. However, all the hotels listed on our web site are in the close proximity of the club and you can easily reach us by foot. Moreover, you can find signs directing you to WTC from different points in the surrounding area.

For detailed information on hot to get from your hotel to WTC please see the attached map (click to enlarge)